Delivering bikes efficiently with Bumbal

Matrabike has been a specialist in sports bicycles, city bicycles and electric bicycles for over 30 years. The company has various stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and is active online with their webshop. They deliver their products at home and offer the necessary service. Matrabike delivers the bicycles with their own vehicles, but this could be improved. The company was looking for a solution that would allow them to offer efficient delivery with less planning time. They have found that solution: Bumbal.

Easy connection with own systems

Bumbal’s smart software is linked to the Matrabike web shop. In addition to the webshop, the software is also linked to the Matrabike system in which they manage service and maintenance. As soon as an order is ready for delivery, the delivery software automatically receives a signal. The same happens when maintenance or other service requests. Bumbal’s intelligent software automatically receives a message from Matrabike’s system that a bicycle must be collected or returned to the customer.

Customer-friendly and efficient delivery

Do you want your customers to plan their own appointments and at the same time quickly plan efficient routes? That is possible! Bumbal’s appointment software gets to work to organize a date and time slot with the customer. This happens completely automatically. The delivery options that the customer sees are pre-filtered and calculated in the current planning by the planning algorithm. Whichever option the customer chooses, it always fits efficiently into the planning. After all customer appointments have been automatically scheduled, the planner can always make changes if necessary. Bumbal’s software saves the planner a lot of time and creates the perfect and most efficient delivery.

Digital working method results in a better customer experience

As soon as the planning is final, the customer will receive an ETA (estmated time of arrival) message the day before, containing a specific time slot for delivery. This time slot contains the agreed time with a certain margin. This ETA message also contains a link with which the customer can call up the latest expected arrival time at any time on the day of delivery. Via the Bumbal APP, drivers can indicate exactly where they are at that moment. The expected arrival time is calculated based on the driver’s location and the remaining part of the route to the address of the specific customer. The driver registers executed activites on the road via the Bumbal APP. The planner thus has a real-time digital file, with which he or she is aware of the state of affairs. With this digital method, Matrabike can also send a digital packing slip by e-mail to the customer as soon as the driver leaves the customer’s address. All in all, Matrabike saves time, kilometers and paper and customers are informed even better. Do you want to know more about the Matrabike case? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu  for extra (online) explanation or a non-binding demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.

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