Customers want track and trace at the level of the large webshops

How do you manage track and trace as an SME with its own vehicles?

You want to proactively inform your customers about the planned arrival time. And you also want to keep them informed of the actual arrival time and any changes on the day itself. But that’s not so easy. Especially if you don’t use planning software. It is a labour-intensive job if you inform customers manually and one by one.

Customers are used to track and trace

Customers ask for track and trace, they expect these status updates. It is now the standard for home or on-site delivery or service. Doing this manually is not really an option. It simply takes too much time. So automate. But where do you start? And what does that cost? You want to keep it simple.

Bumbal transportsoftware is is then a perfect solution.
> It’s east to use.
> You can get started in no time, without complicated implementation.
> It’s affordable.

Bumbal Track and Trace easy to use

Bumbal allows you to schedule automatically and also manually adjust the schedule in between if needed. Is your plan ready? Then you can send customers of those trips at the same time a track & trace link via a message by e-mail or SMS. They then have planned arrival time available. You can also do this automatically: you can set, for example, that the track and trace is sent in the evening at 20:00 for all customers of the next day.

Follow the trip on the day itself

Also send customers a link via the track and trace message. Then the customer check the current status on the day of execution. In this way the customer can see if there is a possible delay. Bumbal calculates this as soon as the customer clicks on the link based on the last position of the driver via the Bumbal drivers APP and the remaining time to the address of the concerning customer via the planned route.

The customer can do this at any time. The planner can also always watch and check the status. The track & trace updates for the planner for all stops of all trips that are currently in progress are also available within Bumbal. In this way, the planner can see at a glance whether things are on schedule and what might be late.

Handy Drivers APP for digital working

Because Bumbal has an integrated driver APP, the driver also knows exactly what the planned and current expected arrival times are. And with the APP, the driver can register all kinds of things digitally. In example arrival and departure times at an address, comments, photos, deviations and possibly a signature of the customer. This information (file) is also directly available in Bumbal for the planner and the information can be automatically transferred to linked systems if necessary. You can also send additional e-mail messages to customers or employees directly from Bumbal. Think of a digital packing slip to the customer and planner or a short message to the customer service department. These messages can be sent as soon as the driver drives away at a customer.

With Bumbal, professional, user-friendly and affordable track & trace is within reach!

Try it for free for a month. Or contact us for a demonstration or answers to your questions.

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