Bumbal now supports 150.000 bees

Bumblebees and bees are extremely smart animals and help make the world more sustainable. They work together and solve complex transport issues via the so-called traveling salesman principle. Clever! Just like Bumbal with the intelligent transport software. Bumbal prevents waste and makes transport easy. Unfortunately, bumblebees and bee colonies are in trouble due to the current climate changes. To combat this, we adopt 1.000 bees for every new customer.

The Bee House x Bumbal

We adopt bee colonies in collaboration with “Het Bijenhuis” in Wageningen.  Het Bijenhuis is the largest bee experience center in the Netherlands, which has been in existence for more than 40 years (see also www.bijenhuis.nl). The organization is a shop specialized for beekeepers. They provide education and training and it is home to more than 1.5 million bees. In 2020, Bumbal adopted its first bee colony and we are now supporting three bee colonies. These intelligent animals are extremely important for our nature and are ideal for a sustainable world. Clever by nature!

Help and support the bumblebees and bees!

In 2025 we want to structurally support at least 10 bee colonies. There are currently three Bumbal hives in Wageningen where approximately 50.000 Bumbal bees per hive are hard at work. The bees are busy collecting nectar, pollinating flowers and plants and keeping their queen happy. They take care of our nature. So now we support 150.000 bees with three hives. We hope that this number will grow to 500.000 bees by 2025. And that makes us happy! In this way we make a concrete contribution to a healthy bee population. And together with our customers we stop wasting kilometres, time and paper with our intelligent transport software. So sustainable… Are you participating? Go Yellow! Don’t let these smart animals get in trouble and do your bit! Adopt a bee colony with Bumbal? Please contact Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu. Or fill in the contact form here.

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