Bumbal multi depot approach | GVT & Audax

Recently, Bumbal has set up the automation for planning, delivery route and track & trace of the Audax distribution in collaboration with ID Logistics (GVT) and 17 depot holders. GVT as part of ID Logistics is strong in storage, transport and distribution in the Benelux. For more information, see also www.gvt.nl.

Create the most efficient delivery route

Audax specializes in, among other things, distributing newspapers and magazines to more than 6,000 neighborhood and distribution points, (book) shops and kiosks throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information, see also www.audax.nl. GVT and the collaborating depot holders are partners of Audax in organizing and executing these finely meshed distribution. To automate this in a future-proof way, GVT approached Bumbal. Together they have set up a seamless structure. Stops (orders) are forwarded from Audax to GVT’s TMS and these stops are then forwarded to the Bumbal. Bumbal then creates the ideal delivery route.

Full automation

Within Bumbal, each depot holder has its own Bumbal account. Based on specific business rulings, the right stops with the right information are made available to the right depot holder. Each depot holder can then easily plan their own transports over several vehicles and link the right drivers to the trips. Subsequently, the trips and stops are also handled via the Bumbal drivers APP so that GVT and Audax are also aware of the latest status. In addition, the delivery file is processed automatically and is fully digitally available to all parties involved.

In short, a nice digital interplay to fully automatically process the more than 100 vehicles divided over 17 parties.

Are you interested in the possibilities of the Bumbal multi depository approach or do you want to know more about the GVT – Audax – depository case? Contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu for additional (online) explanation or non-binding demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.

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