Bumbal is making headway with team development

Over the past year, the Bumbal team has grown considerably from 15 people in mid-2022 to almost 25 people at the moment. A larger team with a nice diversity of functions and people also entails the need as an organization to take further steps. Both in terms of personal development and organization professionalism. Working on the healthy side of your company – the human capital. At the end of last year, we initiated a development process under the inspiring guidance of William Bos from Out of Area team development. William is a very experienced coach who has learned his lessons in the army, among other things.

Valuable team sessions

We started with strategy sessions with the management team. We then left for two days in Riemst, Belgium, to hold intensive and fun sessions with all Bumbal employees. During this session, we translated the sessions into the joint principles and working agreements, the “code of conduct”. We can now also address each other on this. We are currently working on the structure of the organization. Identifying any ambiguities and recording even more specifically how the different teams interact with each other. Here we look at the different tasks and responsibilities. A binding and valuable development!

Personal and organization development

We do not see team development as a one-time exercise, but as a permanent process. As an organization, you must be in constant motion with the people within your organization and you must always adapt to the phase or situation you are in as a company. In addition to the structural development of the team, Bumbal employees are also increasingly given the opportunity to further develop themselves in terms of content through courses and conferences. For example, two colleagues recently attended conferences in Verona and Amsterdam on the subject of automatic testing and the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development.

Do you want to know more about the healty side of Bumbal and our team development process? Please contact Stijn – stijn@bumbal.eu for additional (online) explanation or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form at www.bumbal.eu/contact.

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