Bumbal ideal for compartment ride planning compound feed industry

“Voergroep Zuid” (compound feed company in the south of The Netherlands) has been using Bumbal software for some months now. In 2020, in cooperation with Voergroep Zuid, Bumbal further developed its smart software into an advanced planning tool for compartment ride planning. At the end of 2020, Voergroep Zuid started using the logistic Bumbal software. Bumbal is linked here to both the ERP system and the Voergroep Zuid production software. This complex system integration was jointly realised with Jarpis, a Bumbal partner.

Total solution for compartment ride planning.

The advanced planning tool for compartment ride planning is a real total solution. As a result, Voergroep Zuid, among other things has the following functions:

  • ride and route optimisation at compartment level;
  • provisions for choice of order of loading compartments;
  • smart combination of orders;
  • integrated drivers’ APP for ride registration;
  • if so desired,  ETA information provision and/or digital packing slip provision for the farmer.

In the case of Voergroep Zuid, all necessary information is exchanged and made up-to-date real-time between ERP, production planning and transport planning.

Affordable solution for supplier compound feed

In addition to the option of a complete system integration, it is also possible to deploy Bumbal in the compound feed industry with a simple standard API link. For instance, think of a link with TMS or ERP, in which order information is exchanged with the Bumbal software. Subsequently, an optimum planning and possibly even data of ride registrations of the execution can be also digitally moved back again into the TMS or ERP systems via the link. All this simply works within the standard Bumbal solution. In this way, Bumbal offers an affordable solution specifically for organising and controlling the delivery of compound feed to farmers.

Do you want to know whether Bumbal is also a suitable for your organisation? Just have a look around our site, and make a calculation, call +31(0)13-511444 or send an email to Bas Holland: bas@bumbal.eu.

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