Building Brands Together get started with logistics trip planning

Building Brands Together is a company that offers Full Service Merchandising solutions for Retail in the Benelux and Germany. Building Brands Together’s rack jobbers manage and supplement displays/racks in stores. Your products are therefore always colorful! For more information, see also www.buildingbrandstogether.com. Building Brands Together has more and more employees on the road (the rack jobbers) to provide this service. And outside the Benelux and Germany, this service will soon be offered in more countries. Due to this growth, they are looking for a suitable solution to simplify the complicated logistic route planning. They have partnered with Bumbal.

Simple logistic route planning

Planning and monitoring the rack jobbers (Employees Building Brands Together) is becoming an increasing challenge due to the growth of the company. So they were looking for a plan solution for this and they have now found it in Bumbal. During the (free) test month it became clear that with Bumbal they can easily automate the logistics trip planning, whereby the planner can always make necessary changes himself. Best of both worlds with considerably less planning time. In addition to the planning software, Bumbal also has automatic appointments and track and trace software. The store can choose a day and time when the rack jobbers come by. Regardless of what the store chooses, the algorithm ensures that the appointment always fits into the schedule. When the rack jobbers are on their way, the store receives a message with the estimated time of arrival. Ideal!

No hassle, just easy and fast

Because Building Brands Together chooses to load the stops via the Excel upload function, the implementation involved converting the settings and master data from the test account to a regular Bumbal account. After the online training, Building Brands Together could get started right away. A super fast and easy implementation!

Would you like to know more about the Building Brands Together case? Please contact Bas Holland – bas@bumbal.eu for additional (online) explanation or non-binding demo or call 013-2201600. Or fill in the contact form via contact.