A system interface dashboard for Bumbal users

Recently Bumbal has a system interface dashboard. This allows users to quickly check whether the orders that have been forwarded to Bumbal via an interface from an external system have actually arrived correctly. An external system refers to an ERP/webshop/TMS/…. Of course you can always contact the Bumbal support desk for issues. But the great thing about the dashboard is that you have insight into whether (all) orders have been passed through at any time.

Faster insight into errors

The new dashboard link gives a user direct insight and can take immediate action. If a certain order did not go through properly, you immediately have insight into which order(s) it concerns. This makes it easier to find and fix the error. This can vary from entering an address incorrectly to a problem in sending specific order data. All in all, this makes the life of a Bumbal user a lot easier and it provides more grip on the system interface.

Do you want to know more about the Bumbal system interface dashboard? Please contact our support desk at support@bumbal.eu or call 013-220600.

koppeling dashboard