1/3 of the honey bees did not survive the winter

Bumblebees and bees are the basis of the Bumbal route planner. First of all, they ensure a sustainable world and they also work together smartly to solve transport issues. It comes as a shock that it now appears that 1/3 of the honey bees did not survive the winter. During the weekend of the National Bee Count (last April 15-16), beekeepers sound the alarm. Dozens of colonies of honey bees have died at various Dutch beekeepers. The average mortality among honey bees in the Netherlands after last winter is over 32 percent, while 10 to 15 percent is considered normal. Last year, more than 3.700 people participated in the bee count. In total – despite the cold spring – they counted more than 75.000 bees and hoverflies.

Why are bees so important?

Without bees, our normal life looks very different. 80 percent of our edible crops and nearly 90 percent of our wild plants are pollinated by bees and other insects. And yes, bees are also important for the food supply: if, for example, fruit trees are not fertilized, they produce much less fruit. Apple or pear blossom that is not pollinated yields only half, according to research. Bad for the economy and bad for nature. We must not let this happen and that is why we contribute! Together with our route planner users, we contribute through our bee adoption program with which we support 1.000 bees per customer. We currently support 200.000 of them. Are you in? Call or email Bas Holland for more info: bas@bumbal.eu / 013-2201600.

The bees in the Netherlands need our help

What bees need is a bed and breakfast. A healthy environment with a nice place to make a nest and enough flowers to collect nectar and pollen from. Bed and breakfast is not doing well due to a lack of food and nesting places. This is a result of issues such as urbanization, large-scale agriculture and a lack of flowering flowers, plants and shrubs. There are so many tiles in the gardens, there are no flowers in the meadows. There is agricultural poison and far too little biodiversity. It appears once again that it is super important that we are careful with our bees and bumblebees. Help and support the bees in the Netherlands!